Thursday, February 7, 2013

Design Inspiration : An Eclectic Mix

Traditional Architecture Meets Modern With A Touch Of Glam 

Where is design headed? What are clients asking for? Most of my clients are asking for an updated look on the classics they love. Here is the real truth, nothing you ever like is out of style. As long as you have a foundation built on tradition, you can update by choosing new materials, colors, textures, and furnishings that will successfully put a fresh spin on any space.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Rethink your ideas of what a room should be. Mary McGee Online Design program gives everyone the opportunity to work with a designer without the expense of a full-time team. The most important quality our program offers is vision. We take what we see, combine it with our client's desires and conjure up a picture of what the successful end result might be. Within minutes of seeing photos of a client's space, we can instinctively understand its inherent advantages and weak spots and then begin to formulate its space and its contents to the client's taste and needs. In the online process our clients have access to designer fabrics, furnishings, special resources and our ideas that will put a fresh, modern spin on tradtional classics. To learn more about the program go to   


Design And Decorate

My design for my client's dining room 

A frequently asked question regarding style: how can you pick so many different styles and place them in a room so they make perfect sense? The simple answer is : you can, but its an artistic process. There is, however, a way to find elements that work wth one another and appeal to the senses. If you have a chair with a curved back that is delicate, perhaps you pair that with a table that has soft lines. If you have a traditional wallpaper and want to go a bit more modern with furnishings, keep your lighting fixtures on the tradtional side as well as your flooring. This will create interest while balancing your styles.

Here is a glimpse into a project I am currently working on. These are five currated galleries I designed and proposed  for my client's dining room. They are all similiar in style with slight variations in choice pieces for chairs and cabinetry. I'm happy to say it is a go! Tune back in in April to see the project completed!

The beginning of the process 

I chose Gracie Wallpanels in Lavender for Walls

I chose art deco rock crystal scoses with bronze to add glamour 

Custom designed dining chair by Mary Mcgee Interiorsebonized in black  
Creme Dining Table   


One of the options for cabinetry

I always add texture and natural fibers to a room, My  fave go to is this sisal from Stark Carpet.